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Corinne Sullivan | Coach

Corinne Sullivan

Although active and involved in fitness her entire life, Corinne didn’t start running until the fall of 2015, running her first 5K in January of 2016, and upon discovering a new love, moving up to obstacle events including Tough Mudder in Vermont by that June. She is currently training for her first half marathon. She also enjoys staying active with things like yoga, roller skating, bowling, rock climbing, and even ax throwing to mix things up. An avid baseball fan, Corinne is actively touring the country with her husband on a mission to take her six year old to every major league ballpark by the time he graduates high school. She loves to share her passion for fitness and nutrition with others, and is excited to be a part of a like minded community.

Favorite mantra:
The only person you’re competing with is your former self.

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