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  • EDGE Coach Quip >> Listen Here!

    EDGE Coach Quip >> Listen Here!

    Listen to Coach Quip where EDGE Athlete Lounge Coaches share some quick tips and knowledge bombs to help power your day (it only takes 2 mins!) Find Coach Quip on Apple and Spotify ....

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  • The EDGE Holiday Survival Guide

    The EDGE Holiday Survival Guide

    0 false 18 pt 18 pt 0 0 false false false If you’re feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or out of your routine this time of year, you are not alone. Our EDGE coaches have a few tips for their athletes - and for themselves - on how they stay sane and on track this holiday season. Coach Worm //
    Keep your morning routine.For me, with 3 kids, that means waking up early to get in my runs instead of sleeping all the time. Also, continue some physical activity. It is easy to cheat during the holidays - don’t cheat yourself too much. Coach Becca //
    Remember: The point of the holidays isn’t ....

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  • Podcast 15: Just Start Running with Chris Bowles

    Chris Bowles, long time EDGE member and Senior Manager, Community Development of the American Cancer Society, shares his story of becoming an endurance athlete. Chris reflects on how he took his first few steps running following a sedentary season of life back in high school. Since then, Chris has completed every distance triathlon, 5k to ultra running races, and continues to make huge gains with his fitness and running goals. Chris’ work with the American Cancer Society is intricately woven into his passion for endurance sports and is most certainly another meaningful aspect of the message he has to share and the life that he lives. Hosted by Laura Ohms Subscribe and ....

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  • Podcast 14: Finding Strength in Running with Dan Tun

    Dan Tun, Cofounder of Dare2tri, and EDGE member, discusses his background in team sports, his training journey the past year, and his passion for supporting the growth of adaptive sports. Dan shares about the ups and downs in his training process in 2018 as he faced many personal challenges, and yet overcame and pushed forward with the support of a strong community around him. As you’ll hear, he has much to look forward to both personally and professionally moving forward! Hosted by Laura Ohms Subscribe and rate through the Simplecast player above, or on iTunes ....

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  • Silver Rush 50M Race Recap by Coach Katie

    Silver Rush 50M Race Recap by Coach Katie

    "The goal has to be greater than the fear, the fear of the unknown, of the pain, of the distance, the goal has to win over the fear." With the Ice Age 50 Mile under my belt, I had gained confidence and knowledge, but was still humbled by how tough I knew this course was going to be. I had been dreaming about this race for two years.Ever since I heard Robyn (the owner of Edge where I coach) talk about her experience of racing Silver Rush in 2016, it stuck with me…I remember thinking this sounds amazing (and awful)!!!I want to do this one day!!! We have good friends that we’ve celebrated all our 40th birthdays together, this year it was my turn to ....

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  • Podcast 13: It's a New Year, with the EDGE Community

    It's a New Year and time to reflect on the 2018 season and share new ambitions for 2019. We sit down with our diverse community of athletes and hear highlights from this past season and hopes for the year ahead. This unique episode provides a glimpse into the athletes that together make EDGE what it has become today. Hosted by Laura Ohms Subscribe and rate through the Simplecast player above, or on iT u nes ....

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  • Balancing a Busy Life by Coach Laura

    Balancing a Busy Life by Coach Laura

    Let me first say that I find it curious and intriguing that I ended up writing on this topic. I do not feel I am experienced in “ balancing a busy life,” nor do I feel I’m particularly qualified to write about such a matter. In fact, I’ve mastered “busy life,” but the balance piece I’m still working on. However, I do think I’ve made some progress this past year. In fact, yes, year one with a baby forces you to rethink, reevaluate, and renegotiate your priorities in a whole new way. You have no choice but to focus on the basics in life, namely survival. So, I had to let a lot of other things go those first six months or so of my son’s ....

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  • Podcast 12: Being Present with Fran Rugo

    Fran Rugo, strength and yoga coach at EDGE, discusses some of her biggest learns as an athlete this past year, as well as shares some tips about how to stay grounded during this holiday season. She encourages us to slow down and be present by tuning into our breath and engaging in an active gratitude practice. Fran’s positive and calming energy is contagious and she even leads us through a guided breathing exercise near the end of the episode. Hosted by Laura Ohms Subscribe and rate through the Simplecast player above, or on iT u nes ....

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  • Podcast 11: Bouncing Back with Stephany Lane

    Stephany Lane discusses the role endurance running has played in her life while balancing family life (mom of 3 kids), working full-time, and working through an unexpected cancer diagnosis. Stephany is currently a cancer survivor of 4 years and a big believer in the power of running to keep you moving forward. She recently ran her 13th marathon (Chicago) for Imerman Angels , a non-profit that provides one-on-one cancer support for cancer fighters, survivors and caregivers. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month , so we're honored to have Stephany share her personal story with us this episode. Hosted by Laura Ohms Subscribe and rate through the Simplecast player above, ....

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  • 5 Top Trail Tips from Coach Becca

    5 Top Trail Tips from Coach Becca

    Fall is a runner’s paradise. The cooler temperatures, the bright changing leaves, and crisp air all practically beg us to go outside for a run. Most goal races have come and gone and off-season is here. It’s a great time of year to use the fitness you’ve built up over the summer to try something new. Enjoy the weather and explore new locations with trail running! Trail running has a number of benefits that can translate to improved road fitness. Trail running has softer surfaces, which can lead to fewer injuries. Most trails are hilly, which can improve power, strength and speed. Technical trails also work more stabilizing muscles and fast footwork that ....

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