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  • 6 Ways to Workout WITH the Heat (not 'BEAT the Heat’)

    Welp, we’re in the sludge of summer - when you head outside and are met with a wall of heat and humidity. What does that mean for your workout? It means all of us athletes need to learn to workout WITH the heat. So instead of avoiding it (or trying to “beat the heat” – spoiler alert: you can’t! ), start to think about how your body can adapt to it instead. Here are a few tips to help you tackle your Summer Heat Monster: 1. Pick your gear. Wear light colored, loose-fitting clothing that wicks sweat. Technical gear allows moisture to pass through and evaporate, keeping you cooler for longer. To protect your skin and eyes from the sun, wear a hat/visor, ....

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  • How to Slay the Second Half of Marathon Training

    The start of this weekmarks the back half of Chicago Marathon training (WOT?!) - your very own EDGE Coaches weigh in on how to slay the second halfand toe that starting line as your best version yet: COACH DAN – ACCOUNTABILITY BREEDS CONSISTENCY Keep each other accountable. Consistency is super important this second half. Check out Pat & Sarah’s idea of having an “Accountability Buddy” ( featured on Coach Quip ).Missing a key workout only makes the next one that much harder. Respect your body (and mind) by staying as consistent as possible. Don’t surprise it with big jumps in volume or intensity because you skipped a bunch of key workouts ....

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  • EDGE Coach Quip >> Listen Here!

    EDGE Coach Quip >> Listen Here!

    Listen to Coach Quip where EDGE Athlete Lounge Coaches share some quick tips and knowledge bombs to help power your day (it only takes 2 mins!) Find Coach Quip on Apple and Spotify ....

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  • The EDGE Holiday Survival Guide

    The EDGE Holiday Survival Guide

    0 false 18 pt 18 pt 0 0 false false false If you’re feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or out of your routine this time of year, you are not alone. Our EDGE coaches have a few tips for their athletes - and for themselves - on how they stay sane and on track this holiday season. Coach Worm //
    Keep your morning routine.For me, with 3 kids, that means waking up early to get in my runs instead of sleeping all the time. Also, continue some physical activity. It is easy to cheat during the holidays - don’t cheat yourself too much. Coach Becca //
    Remember: The point of the holidays isn’t ....

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  • Podcast 15: Just Start Running with Chris Bowles

    Chris Bowles, long time EDGE member and Senior Manager, Community Development of the American Cancer Society, shares his story of becoming an endurance athlete. Chris reflects on how he took his first few steps running following a sedentary season of life back in high school. Since then, Chris has completed every distance triathlon, 5k to ultra running races, and continues to make huge gains with his fitness and running goals. Chris’ work with the American Cancer Society is intricately woven into his passion for endurance sports and is most certainly another meaningful aspect of the message he has to share and the life that he lives. Hosted by Laura Ohms Subscribe and ....

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  • Podcast 14: Finding Strength in Running with Dan Tun

    Dan Tun, Cofounder of Dare2tri, and EDGE member, discusses his background in team sports, his training journey the past year, and his passion for supporting the growth of adaptive sports. Dan shares about the ups and downs in his training process in 2018 as he faced many personal challenges, and yet overcame and pushed forward with the support of a strong community around him. As you’ll hear, he has much to look forward to both personally and professionally moving forward! Hosted by Laura Ohms Subscribe and rate through the Simplecast player above, or on iTunes ....

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  • Silver Rush 50M Race Recap by Coach Katie

    Silver Rush 50M Race Recap by Coach Katie

    "The goal has to be greater than the fear, the fear of the unknown, of the pain, of the distance, the goal has to win over the fear." With the Ice Age 50 Mile under my belt, I had gained confidence and knowledge, but was still humbled by how tough I knew this course was going to be. I had been dreaming about this race for two years.Ever since I heard Robyn (the owner of Edge where I coach) talk about her experience of racing Silver Rush in 2016, it stuck with me…I remember thinking this sounds amazing (and awful)!!!I want to do this one day!!! We have good friends that we’ve celebrated all our 40th birthdays together, this year it was my turn to ....

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  • Podcast 13: It's a New Year, with the EDGE Community

    It's a New Year and time to reflect on the 2018 season and share new ambitions for 2019. We sit down with our diverse community of athletes and hear highlights from this past season and hopes for the year ahead. This unique episode provides a glimpse into the athletes that together make EDGE what it has become today. Hosted by Laura Ohms Subscribe and rate through the Simplecast player above, or on iT u nes ....

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  • Balancing a Busy Life by Coach Laura

    Balancing a Busy Life by Coach Laura

    Let me first say that I find it curious and intriguing that I ended up writing on this topic. I do not feel I am experienced in “ balancing a busy life,” nor do I feel I’m particularly qualified to write about such a matter. In fact, I’ve mastered “busy life,” but the balance piece I’m still working on. However, I do think I’ve made some progress this past year. In fact, yes, year one with a baby forces you to rethink, reevaluate, and renegotiate your priorities in a whole new way. You have no choice but to focus on the basics in life, namely survival. So, I had to let a lot of other things go those first six months or so of my son’s ....

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  • Podcast 12: Being Present with Fran Rugo

    Fran Rugo, strength and yoga coach at EDGE, discusses some of her biggest learns as an athlete this past year, as well as shares some tips about how to stay grounded during this holiday season. She encourages us to slow down and be present by tuning into our breath and engaging in an active gratitude practice. Fran’s positive and calming energy is contagious and she even leads us through a guided breathing exercise near the end of the episode. Hosted by Laura Ohms Subscribe and rate through the Simplecast player above, or on iT u nes ....

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  • Podcast 11: Bouncing Back with Stephany Lane

    Stephany Lane discusses the role endurance running has played in her life while balancing family life (mom of 3 kids), working full-time, and working through an unexpected cancer diagnosis. Stephany is currently a cancer survivor of 4 years and a big believer in the power of running to keep you moving forward. She recently ran her 13th marathon (Chicago) for Imerman Angels , a non-profit that provides one-on-one cancer support for cancer fighters, survivors and caregivers. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month , so we're honored to have Stephany share her personal story with us this episode. Hosted by Laura Ohms Subscribe and rate through the Simplecast player above, ....

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  • 5 Top Trail Tips from Coach Becca

    5 Top Trail Tips from Coach Becca

    Fall is a runner’s paradise. The cooler temperatures, the bright changing leaves, and crisp air all practically beg us to go outside for a run. Most goal races have come and gone and off-season is here. It’s a great time of year to use the fitness you’ve built up over the summer to try something new. Enjoy the weather and explore new locations with trail running! Trail running has a number of benefits that can translate to improved road fitness. Trail running has softer surfaces, which can lead to fewer injuries. Most trails are hilly, which can improve power, strength and speed. Technical trails also work more stabilizing muscles and fast footwork that ....

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  • Podcast 10: The Ultra Mindset

    Scott Lehman discusses his upcoming return to the Leadville Trail 100 this summer following a failed attempt at the same ultra marathon last year. He specifically speaks about how significant the mental game is for athletes and how he has found some new strategies to work with this time around. Scott is the father of 2 young girls and works long hours but yet still finds the time to train hard and pursue his goals. Hosted by Laura Ohms Subscribe and rate through the Simplecast player above, or on iTunes ....

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  • Perfect Your Peak Week

    Perfect Your Peak Week

    You're nearing the top of your mountain of training - here are some tips and tricks from our EDGE Coaches on how to perfect your Peak Week.
    Coach Worm:
    You will not feel like you did during the vast majority of training, which will freak you out. The extra rest, energy, and overall focus on every little ache and pain is normal. These are not reasons to second guess yourself or change your race plan.

    Coach Shawna:
    The last "real" week to nail that nutrition for race day. It's not just the fuel during the run but what you're eating leading up to it too. You are what you eat!
    Coach Katie:
    Treat the WHOLE week like you would ....

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  • Crewing an Ultra: Tales & Takeaways by Coach Shawna

    Crewing an Ultra: Tales & Takeaways by Coach Shawna

    Last summer, I decided to crew CCC in Chamonix France for my friend Miana. Leading up to the race we had planned all of the details of where we were going to stay, when we were going to check in, how we were going to get there, but one thing we didn't talk about was how I was going to get around other than using Transportation provided by the race. We bought my bus ticket provided through the UTMB website; all seemed good to go. / / PLAN YOUR CREW TRANSPORT & PACK TWO BAGS / / I printed it out before we left the states and had everything ready to go. It happened to be raining the entire time we were there so basically once we had checked in and got her race packet we went ....

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  • Podcast 9: Journey Towards a Healthier Self, with Andrew Maibach

    Andrew Maibach, new EDGE member, discusses the transformation he experienced through a six week challenge consisting of nutrition guidance, specific workouts, coaching support, and a cohort of other like minded people. Andrew enthusiastically speaks about his “why,” and the people in his life who have supported his journey towards finding a healthier self. He has some exciting goals for himself the rest of this year and is a big believer in finding a community that invests in you to help you achieve them. Hosted by Laura Ohms Subscribe and rate through the Simplecast player above, or on iTunes ....

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  • Podcast 8: Finding Balance, with Justin Behlke

    Justin Behlke, Culinary Director of Pilot Light and former collegiate cyclist, speaks about overcoming one of his greatest challenges faced throughout his athletic career and personal life. Subscribe and rate through the Simplecast player above, or on iTunes ....

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  • EDGE Cycling and Tri Kits

    Triathletes and Cyclists unite! EDGE Kits are now available for purchase at the links below through May 21! EDGE Cycling kits by Eliel and Tri kits by Wattie Ink are designed and manufactured in California. Both kitsfeature a pattern comprised of Robyn's good luck chimney sweep charm and the EDGE-exclusive pugcovery. *Please note we are currently expecting 8 weeks for production and shipping. **Shipping Instructions: Please use code " EALPICKUP " at checkout for free pickup at EDGE. Otherwise you can pay for shipping to your residence. Wattie Tri Kits Here Eliel Cycling Kits Here ....

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  • Cycling and Tri Kits are Coming!

    Cycling and Tri Kits are Coming!

    The kits look fantastic! The right sleeve features a pattern constructed of Bruce & June and Robyn's Chimney Sweeper - a good luck charm handed out to anyone racing. Now you can bring it with you to every race! While the cycling jerseys are pictured above, Tri tops will be sleeveless and feature the same pattern elsewhere. ELEIL Rincon Race Jersey (MEN’S AND WOMEN’S) $129 ELIEL Laguna Seca Bib Shorts (MEN’S AND WOMEN’S) $189 WATTIE INK Sleeveless Contender Tri-Top (MEN’S AND WOMEN’S) $130 WATTIE INK Sleeveless Contender Tri-Short (MEN’S AND WOMEN’S) $130 Please note orders will be taken through and online store for two weeks near the ....

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  • Strength Annex

    EDGE believes that strength training should be at the center of making stronger athletes. The recently opened Strength Annex boasts an additional 3,000 square feet of training space including:
    Large Fitness Area
    Used primarily for Daily Group Classes, equipment includes:
    Medicine Balls
    Resistance Bands
    Yoga and Training Mats
    Dynamic Warmup Equipment (ladders, hurdles, cones)
    Weight and Cardio Room
    Used primarily for Personal Use or for one-on-one Personal Training, equipment includes:
    Squat Racks, Barbells and Olympics Plates
    Bench Press
    Kettle Bells
    Body Bars
    Punching Bag
    Power Plate
    Ski Erg
    Rowing Machine
    Step Mill
    Assault Bike
    Class Packs
    Not an EDGE Member but ....

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  • Commercials, Mirrors and Hills - Make Tread Time, Not Dread Time

    Commercials, Mirrors and Hills - Make Tread Time, Not Dread Time

    Our EDGE Coaches weigh in on how to turn your treadmill session into the ultimate training tool: ROCK YOUR TUNES
    (Coach Chris): I encourage my athletes to make a killer up-tempo playlist, or to make a playlist that they can match tempo to - like 2 faster upbeat songs and one slower (not like ballad... maybe a power ballad?) and match effort. MIRROR MIRROR ON THE WALL
    (Coach Robyn): Tread time means form time. Use mirrors and windows to monitor form – careful not to crowd the front of the treadmill and aim for left-to-right symmetry. Take a form check at the top of every mile for 30-60s – the efficiencies you develop will carry over to the rest of your run. ....

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  • Tackle Chiberia ---> Winter Running Tips

    Tackle Chiberia ---> Winter Running Tips

    Winter running is here to stay, and Coach Katie has the tips and tricks to keep us moving through the cold, snow, wind and everything in between. *You want to be warm without sweating so much you get a chill *Rule of thumb is to dress as if it is 20 degrees warmer (remember to factor in windchill) *You should be slightly cool when you start *Always want to keep your core warm *Assume you always wear a hat, sunglasses, and gloves/mittens (mittens will always be warmer than gloves) * Trail shoes are a great investment - they have better weather proofing and traction than road shoes General guidelines for degrees and gear are as follows: 30 ....

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  • Black Friday of Holiday Foods: The Splurge and the Deals

    Black Friday of Holiday Foods: The Splurge and the Deals

    It’s that time of year again and we are in the thick of it: holiday parties, family gatherings and lots of delicious food and drinks. From Thanksgiving to New Years, the average person consumes an additional 500 calories per day, which can lead to an extra 2-3 pounds per week. You also may experience dehydration due to the increased dry heat and decrease in water intake, which can make you feel tired and sluggish. We all know this time of year comes around, but we never prepare ourselves for its arrival. So here are my tips on how to survive the holidays and still stay on track of your goals. Most of you will think that I am about to talk about a diet or cleanse you can do to ....

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  • 7 Reasons You Should be Doing Pull Ups

    Coach Shawna is a believer in the Power of the Pull Up for all Athletes. Here’s why: 1) Strengthen Your Grip
    . Stronger hands mean stronger forearms, better coordination and control when lifting weights, controlling a bike or even typing. You also never know when you might fall over the side of a cliff and need to pull yourself back up :) 2) Improve Posture.
    Keeping your body upright and neutral keeps lungs open, helps you breathe better, keeps shoulders from rounding/hunching and reduces soreness in upper back and neck. 3) Build Core Strength
    . Your core is what keeps you upright when your body is in motion. Remember that first ....

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  • Schedule

    Not a Member but want to take a Class? Buy a CLASS PASS (1, 5, and 10 packs)! *Cancellation Policy: Please note that there is a $25 fee applied for any cancellations less than 12 hours before the class start time, or for any no shows to a class. ....

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  • Tales of a Pregnant Triathlete

    Tales of a Pregnant Triathlete

    Starting a family was something my husband and I were clear we wanted to do. We just didn’t know when it would happen….and I had no idea how much my life would transform during the pregnancy, especially in ways related to my athletic identity. I kind of assumed that I would feel just fine during pregnancy. I also imagined myself being the extreme go getter female athlete throughout the whole 9 months. I’m not sure where I got that notion, besides the fact that my mom said she felt fine during pregnancy (or perhaps she’s repressed it all by now), or maybe it was due to my flawed moral superiority that I was above nausea and fatigue or something. Regardless, ....

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  • How Posture is Impacting Your Performance

    How Posture is Impacting Your Performance

    With the increase in technology use and more career paths that force a more sedentary lifestyle, poor posture has become a worldwide issue. Craning the neck too far forward to peer at keyboard screens and cell phone screens causes a loss of the cervical lordosis. Every time we lean forward 60 degrees, the stress on the neck is increased by approximately 60 pounds - for every inch our heads are moved forward, an extra 10 pounds of weight is added to the neck
    . This constant added pressure cumulatively leads to chronic pain, numbness in the arms and hands, improper breathing, and pinched nerves. What does all of this mean? For athletes who are constantly placing added stressors on their ....

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  • The WHY of EDGE: 9 Axioms We Live By

    The WHY of EDGE: 9 Axioms We Live By

    A few weeks ago, our EDGE Team came together for a meeting. Not just any meeting, however. One where we talked about WHY do we do what we do. What it MEANS to make better athletes, better teammates, better people. From that meeting we generated Axioms that speak to our culture and our purpose, we came up with 9. And so we invite you to settle in, grab a coffee and prepare to be inspired. Brought to you by the very people that make everything that we do at EDGE possible, our TEAM.

    Lydia N: This is how I've tried to live my life every day since February 2013. In that month, my family lost my uncle Chris to leukemia ....

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  • Race Report: Shamrock Marathon = BQ! (by EDGE Athlete Miana)

    Race Report: Shamrock Marathon = BQ! (by EDGE Athlete Miana)

    March 19, 2017: Waking up to the sound of howling wind and pouring rain, I almost laughed. Yes, this is just as it should be. After last year’s slugfest on this course, I thought the conditions HAD to be better. This is the world reminding me to Let Go and to accept life as it unfolds, especially when it isn’t what I want. I’m sure Robyn was wondering why in the hell she signed up for this particular BQ quest. Surely any of my other five attempts would have been more fun. Instead, we sipped coffee, chatted with our awesome cheer squad, prepped like two trail runners do for any long run, and pretended we weren’t heading out into 40F rain, wind and a Feels Like ....

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  • EDGE October Athletes of the Month - Pat & Marge!

    In all of the fall racing mayhem, we failed to bring you a September Athlete of the Month - so this month we are doubling up with one of our favorite endurance couples. Meet Pat & Marge - two of the hardest working, most inspiring athletes that we know!
    How many years have you been racing?
    Pat: I have been racing since 2009, my first triathlon was the Chicago Triple, in 2010 I did my first Ironman (Wisconsin). Marge: I have been racing since 2011 - I did my first Marathon and in 2012 I did my first Triathlon.
    How did you get started in triathlon?
    Pat: I wanted to be a more well-rounded athlete, I figured training for and entering a triathlon was the way to go. Marge: In ....

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  • Weekend Recap 9.10-9.11.2016

    This weekend was nothing short of epic. It seemed that every time we turned around, our EDGE Athletes were dominating their races, chasing their dreams, kicking ass and taking names. We wanted to try and capture some of the CRAZYGOOD performances….so sit down, buckle up (grab a cup of coffee) and read on!
    Mag Mile Half Marathon
    Becca earned herself a big ‘ole PR on her BIRTHDAY (1:28 on her 28th!) Cameron nailed his 13.1 with a fifth place OVERALL finish and made a super solid deposit heading into the Chicago Marathon
    Big Shoulders
    Jeff completed his first open water 5K and came out smiling (yep you read that right – 3.1 miles of swimming!) ....

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  • EDGE August Athlete of the Month - Geoff Smith!

    How many years have you been running and trail running?
    Running: 10 years Trail Running: 6 years
    How did you get started in running?
    My wife Jenny and I were transferred to Saint Paul, MN, where the closest gym was 30 mins away and we found ourselves making excuses to not go. At the time, we lived above a running store (The Running Room) and decided to cancel our gym memberships and invest that money in running apparel. It was winter at the time, so we got winter gear and started training outside in sub-zero temps for a half-marathon.
    What was your first race?
    The Frozen Half. It was in Janurary in Saint Paul, MN. As you can imagine, it lived up to it's name. It was a balmy -15 degrees at ....

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  • Leadville SilverRush 50M Race Report

    Ahhhh Leadville. Where to begin. The journey to race day was long and grueling in an effort to take a stab at the 50 mile distance. My prior attempt didn’t end so well. I was training for the San Diego Trail 50 in 2015 and had logged a good 5-6 months of training before having to abruptly back out of the race due to injury a mere 6 weeks out from competition. It was a very humbling experience and the first race that I had to bow out of. The rest of my 2015 was focused on being a husband to Jesi and new father to baby Leo. 2016 was time for revenge. I had to wipe the slate clean, train smarter and get that 50 under my belt. I had been keeping my eyes open for a race but hadn’t ....

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  • EDGE July Athlete of the Month - Rachel LaPorte!

    How many years have you been doing CrossFit and how did you get started?
    2 years in August, and I've lost 50lb since I started. My brother is the owner of Goose Island CrossFit on Kingsbury and his weight loss of almost 100lb was a huge inspiration to me. At first I was convinced it wasn't for me, but as I grew to find a love for weightlifting, I couldn't stay away. I've learned to overcome challenges and the variety always keeps me excited for what's to come.
    What is your favorite and least favorite workout?
    My favorite workout is snatches paired with overhead squats, and my least favorite is the 5k row for time. I used to hate running, but over the last year I've really changed my ....

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  • EDGE May Athlete of the Month - Jeff Cook!

    You are one of our busiest multi-sport athletes! What all do you do sports-wise?
    Currently, hockey and running.
    How many years have you playing hockey?
    Almost two years. I played baseball and softball my whole life and needed a change. I used to rollerblade a lot and played floor hockey on and off so I was not starting from scratch.
    How many years have you been running?
    Two and a half years.
    How did you get started in running?
    While I have played sports my whole life, it wasn’t until a season-ending softball injury in 2013 that forced me into finding something to do to stay active. The trainers at On Your Mark talked me into doing a 5K and it took off from there.
    What was your ....

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  • EDGE April Athlete of the Month - Annie Byrne!

    Meet our April EDGE Athlete of the Month - Annie Byrne! We’re so pumped to follow her cycling season after a helluva lot of hard work this winter, she’s hot out of the gates (seriously, this gal has been sweeping up first place podiums at the early season races!)
    How many years have you been racing?
    I started racing in 2012 so this is my fifth year. I raced a lot my first year, then started training and raced even more my second year. Then we opened BFF Bikes so I couldn't get out as much or really train during the last two years with the shop bring brand new. Now I'm training again and hope to do some bigger races this year.
    How did you get started in cycling?
    I rode a ....

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  • EDGE Athlete Weekend Recap

    There are moments when our EDGE Athletes exceed all expectations. Where we stand back, jaws dropped in awe as they transcend our four walls, blow past barriers and prove that ANYTHING is possible. This weekend, we had these moments over and over and over as our athletes were (quite literally) spread West Coast to East Coast conquering their goals. Fresh Legs, Fast Times, and a helluva lotta hard work and heart. So here it is, the EDGE Athlete Weekend Recap:
    Tour of St. Louis Cycling Omnium
    Annie: Not only did Annie have her first win as a Cat 3 on Saturday (with a 7 lap solo break away….!), but she repeated at the top of the Podium on Sunday too! Big things coming her way and to ....

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  • EDGE Athlete of the Month - Joon Park!

    Every month we're going to feature one of our badass EDGE Athletes. This month we bring you Joon Park - who also happens to be our very first EDGE Member! And apparently he is a champion karaoke singer too (read on!)
    How many years have you been racing?
    How did you get started in running and triathlon?
    I was a social runner but I really started serious training in 2011. Brian and Robyn peaked my interest when they started training for their first Ironman. In 2011, I took a year off of work to focus on family, health and to find balance in my life. I haven't looked back since ... Basically it's Brian and Robyn's fault...
    What was your first race?
    JPM corporate challenge 5k in 2005. ....

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  • It's World Cancer Day. Meet Jen.

    Today is World Cancer Day. It’s all about raising awareness, looking cancer in the eye and staring it down. For all of us, it’s personal. For me, it’s about my cousin Jen. Jen was diagnosed with breast cancer and she fought like hell. She looked cancer in the face and told it to suck it. She ran through all of her months of chemo and radiation – even when it meant running was a slow shuffle on the lakeshore path before or after her treatments. So today, we’re going to tell her story. Spoiler Alert: She won. And she is a badass.
    How did you get into running?
    I had always been a pretty reluctant and unhappy runner but was always athletic. One day, ....

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  • It's World Cancer Day. Meet Jen.

    Today is World Cancer Day. It’s all about raising awareness, looking cancer in the eye and staring it down. For all of us, it’s personal. For me, it’s about my cousin Jen. Jen was diagnosed with breast cancer and she fought like hell. She looked cancer in the face and told it to suck it. She ran through all of her months of chemo and radiation – even when it meant running was a slow shuffle on the lakeshore path before or after her treatments. So today, we’re going to tell her story. Spoiler Alert: She won. And she is a badass.
    How did you get into running?
    I had always been a pretty reluctant and unhappy runner but was always athletic. One day, ....

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