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We know what it takes to Train, Recover, Refuel and Repeat. How? Because, first and foremost, we are athletes. Over the last 15 years we’ve trained and competed in everything from cycling crits, 5Ks and triathlons, to Ironmans, marathons, and ultramarathons. We understand what goals mean to athletes, and what it takes to achieve them. We also know that getting there is HARD. Through our years of training, we always felt that something was missing – the AFTER. After finishing workouts we’d try to figure out, “What do we eat? Should we stretch? Do we need to foam roll?” and yet we didn’t have the answers. We struggled with injuries, set backs, and overall fatigue thinking that there has to be a better way to train….turns out, there is!

We dug into the research and interviewed professional athletes, doctors, and physical therapists to uncover the most innovative methods for recovery and refueling. We then integrated these techniques into our own training plans. The difference was astounding – instead of days to recover after a long run, it was merely an hour. Instead of feeling fatigued, we were energized, healthier, and faster than ever. And so, Edge Athlete Lounge was born. Now it's your turn to TRAIN SMARTER.


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