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Commercials, Mirrors and Hills - Make Tread Time, Not Dread Time

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Commercials, Mirrors and Hills - Make Tread Time, Not Dread Time

 Our EDGE Coaches weigh in on how to turn your treadmill session into the ultimate training tool:


ROCK YOUR TUNES (Coach Chris): I encourage my athletes to make a killer up-tempo playlist, or to make a playlist that they can match tempo to - like 2 faster upbeat songs and one slower (not like ballad... maybe a power ballad?) and match effort.


MIRROR MIRROR ON THE WALL (Coach Robyn): Tread time means form time. Use mirrors and windows to monitor form – careful not to crowd the front of the treadmill and aim for left-to-right symmetry. Take a form check at the top of every mile for 30-60s – the efficiencies you develop will carry over to the rest of your run.


WORK THE COMMERCIALS (Coach Chris): Run the commercials at a harder pace and recover during the show – breaking up effort just like a speed run.


DIAL UP THE HILLS (Coach Matthew): I don't love the tread so l like to incorporate anything to break the monotony. Here are 2 of my favorite tread workouts:


Speed: 6/7s

1:30 @ Marathon pace/6% incline

1:00 Run faster than Marathon pace

1:00 @ Marathon pace/7% incline

RI: 2:00 easy running

Repeat 2-3 X thru and grow from there



2 x 1:30 @ 3%

RI: 2:00 easy running

2 x :60 @ 5%

2 x :30 @ 7%

RI: 2:00 easy running

Repeat 2-3 X thru and grow from there


BREAK UP EASY RUNS (Coach Shawna): On easy/recovery runs that can be monotonous, switch up gentle inclines and “declines”/flats – always easier to focus on the shorter distance vs the total easy miles.

For example:

.25 mi gentle incline (even 3% - Chicago is flat so that is a hill!)

.25 mi no incline and increase pace (will feel flat even though you’re not)

.5 mi incline

.5 mi no incline, slightly faster

Progress from there...


GET GRADE-SPECIFIC (Coach Worm): This is a bit of a plug, but in part due to the monotony of training on a treadmill, I partnered in developing an app: RunBetterApp (ios only right now) that allows athletes to run the geographical grades of specific courses. I have already found that athletes enjoy this as it breaks up the monotony on a treadmill with a specific reason to modify the grade changes.


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