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The EDGE Holiday Survival Guide

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The EDGE Holiday Survival Guide


If you’re feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or out of your routine this time of year, you are not alone. Our EDGE coaches have a few tips for their athletes - and for themselves - on how they stay sane and on track this holiday season.


Coach Worm // Keep your morning routine. For me, with 3 kids, that means waking up early to get in my runs instead of sleeping all the time. Also, continue some physical activity. It is easy to cheat during the holidays - don’t cheat yourself too much.


Coach Becca // Remember: The point of the holidays isn’t to build fitness, it’s to maintain fitness while focusing on the areas you often neglect during peak training: family and friends. You can maintain fitness with just 3 shorter workouts a week, like an easy aerobic run with some strides tacked onto the end.  If you aren't able to get away for a run or a bike session, then a 10 minute core and mobility routine that requires no equipment is enough for the day. And if you can't fit in anything, it'll be ok if you miss a workout - you won't derail your goals! 


Coach Matthew // Holiday travel and events may make workouts difficult so focus on fitting in a few key workouts, even if you can't fit in daily. Use time off to try something new, like a new fitness class, yoga, ice skating, skiing, etc.


Coach Robyn // Holiday time often means less overall activity. I like to plan an outside activity for the whole family. Pick a route or trail that is special to the season (lots of holiday lights, snow-filled trail) and head out for a 30-60 min brisk walk or hike - inviting your family with you means you will all get in a bit of activity before or after a meal and you will have a nice mental reset from all of that time in close quarters. 


Coach Katie // Don't feel guilty for getting in your workouts - personal time is just as important as family time this time of year. Enjoy all the things this time of year - go ahead have a few cookies - it won't kill you!!  (just leave some to share!)


Coach Chris // Always bring one healthy dish to the holiday dinner so you know there’s always something you can eat.


Coach Ed // Enjoy yourself and don’t go crazy over one day. If you’re concerned about over-indulging, food journal during this time period and try to be aware of what you’re eating during the holidays, but don’t beat yourself up over one or two meals off your typical plan. 


Coach JRho // Don’t overextend yourself! It is totally ok to say “no” to maintain balance. It’s also ok and important to include self-care.


Coach Shawna // Avoid your family - that’s what I do (!) At least during the actual holidays ;) I see my family and celebrate before or after the holidays so it’s less stressful. Also I bring my running shoes with me so I can have some outdoor alone time on my visits. 


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