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Cycling and Tri Kits are Coming!

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The kits look fantastic! The right sleeve features a pattern constructed of Bruce & June and Robyn's Chimney Sweeper - a good luck charm handed out to anyone racing. Now you can bring it with you to every race! While the cycling jerseys are pictured above, Tri tops will be sleeveless and feature the same pattern elsewhere.

ELEIL Rincon Race Jersey (MEN’S AND WOMEN’S) $129
ELIEL Laguna Seca Bib Shorts (MEN’S AND WOMEN’S) $189

WATTIE INK Sleeveless Contender Tri-Top (MEN’S AND WOMEN’S) $130
WATTIE INK Sleeveless Contender Tri-Short (MEN’S AND WOMEN’S) $130

Please note orders will be taken through and online store for two weeks near the end of April. No orders will be taken after the store has closed and we do not plan to stock kits for sale in the cafe through summer. We will reopen the store for Fall/Winter kits in August/

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