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What do I get with a Day Pass?

  • Access to a bike trainer, tread, or group training session
  • Access to recovery tools: water therapy (hot/cold pools), recovery boots/core/arms, e-stim and laser therapy
  • Please note that all Day Passes are on a walk-in basis. We are rarely on a wait, but feel free to contact us to check availability.
  • Day Passes can be purchased online or in-person at EDGE

QUICK TIP: If you're visiting EDGE once per week on a Day Pass, get a membership! You will:

  • Save $ (we'll even kick back the cost of 1 of your previously purchased Day Passes if you signup for a Membership within 2 weeks of purchase)
  • Have Unlimited Visits (including group training)
  • Make Reservations for your bike station, treadmill, and recovery chair
  • Get FREE Intelligentsia Coffee & Tea




No contract or commitment, plus we have a killer Membership Rewards Program:

  • After 6 full months of continuous Membership, we'll credit you $49.99
  • After 12 full months of continuous Membership, we'll credit you $100

Do the math...$49.99+$100 in credit = you get 1 entire month for free!


PAY-AHEAD MEMBERSHIP OPTIONS – starting at $124.99/month

For athletes who wish to save even more on their membership fees:

  • 6 month at $134.99/month (save $180/year)
  • 12 month at $124.99/month (save $300/year)

What do I get with EDGE Membership?

  • Unlimited Access to bike, treads, group training and recovery tools
  • Exclusive Reservation System for bike, treads and recovery tools
  • Exclusive access and preferred pricing to sports-specific service providers including physical therapy, chiropractic, and massage
  • Free access to EDGE Community Events (speaker and educational series)
  • Preferred pricing for boot rental and bike storage
  • Access to free indoor heated parking
  • FREE Intelligentsia Coffee & Tea!

*All Membership charges are billed monthly to a credit card or checking account. 30 day written notification to before month end for cancellation of Month-to-Month or Contract Memberships is required. Account credits only apply to new Month-to-Month Memberships longer than 1 month.

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