Chicago Fitness & Recovery Center

Chicago Winter 8K To 13.1 Classes


This season of EDGE Run Club will target the following Road Less Traveled Races. All sessions and races will follow all current city, state and federal COVID guidelines – see full COVID guidelines below.

8K (4K Relay option) Dec 5 2020

10M (5M Relay option) Jan 2020

13.1M (6.65M Relay option) Feb 2020

(Note that all RLT races will be updated as race information is available, registration is not required and is not included in EDGE programming)


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Training kicks off Monday OCT 26 2020
(EDGE Membership not required -- Spots are LIMITED!)



$175* or $250
*EDGE Members receive $75 off of registration



  • Fields are limited to 50 Participants and Volunteers/Coaches per session
  • Please arrive to session on time to decrease congestion
  • Please follow all signage and directional guidelines
  • All Support, Coaches, Crew, and Volunteers must wear a mask at all times during event
  • Runners must arrive with a properly worn, clean mask (
  • Runners wear mask in place until run or race start, mask may be pulled down or to the side during the event when 6’ or more of personal space is created. Face covering must be kept on runners/carried at all times for immediate use in instances where 6’ is not possible.
  • All Runners, Coaches and Volunteers will be temperature screened prior to start (Temperatures > 100 will be sent home and instructed to seek additional medical guidance)
  • Please wash hands and/or sanitize frequently, especially after any face touching or increased respiration
  • Please keep 6’ of space at all times (this includes all support, coaches, crew and volunteers)
  • Please keep track of all personal belongings and do not use or create any shared storage areas




Weekly Sessions: 2 Coached Sessions per week – Tuesday (Speed) and Saturday (Long Run)
Speed Run: Tuesday 6:30 pm (60-90 mins) from EDGE
Long Run: Saturday 8:00am from EDGE
Weekly Education: At runs and via newsletters
Free Training Peaks Account: With full plan and pace card guidance (using McMIllan Running Calculator
Coach Access: Direct email to EDGE Coaches to help answer your training and racing questions


Written Workouts Will Include:

Speed and Tempo Runs: Focused on Speed and Form, these weekday runs will press the pace to develop run efficiencies
Recovery Runs: Progressive, aerobic focus on these lighter effort days for active recovery
Long Runs (Paces every: 30s from 6:45-10:45/mile): Not just a Long Run, these days grow in mileage and mix up speeds, terrains and efforts so you can tackle any challenge on race day!
Strength Sessions (yep that’s right – STRENGTH WORK!): Run-specific strength training sessions written in for 2 times/week to keep you strong, speedy and injury-free




Training Plan Example:


EDGE Group Training Plan will be written by Nike Running Coach and EDGE Owner, Robyn LaLonde and vetted through our EDGE Coaching Consortium.



Questions? Email or Call 872-206-5935  

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