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Nutrition Services

Nutrition Services

EDGE Dietitian Lydia Nader MSNW, RDN, LD has worked with various types of athletes, from runners to triathletes to team sports. By matching nutritional demands with sports-specific goals and cycles, she’s focused on maximizing your athletic potential.

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Knowing your goals is one thing. Knowing how to achieve those goals is another. Lydia will take a look at your nutritional goals or what your weekly intake looks like – she’ll give you a quick assessment and recommend what can help you achieve your goals.

Nutritional Coaching

Your nutritional plan should mirror the ebb and flow of training loads and of life. Through nutrition coaching, you will have specific nutritional guidance and learn to use your food to help get the most out of your workouts.

Plans and content will be unique to each client, but you can expect a combination of:

  • Weekly meal plans including meal prep options and eat out/travel options
  • Unlimited access to Lydia for nutritional questions
  • Specially curated plans for taper weeks and race day

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