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Action Packed Group Fitness Training In Chicago Will Help You Reach Your Fitness Goals!

At EDGE Athlete Lounge our Group Fitness is offered in various forms. Depending on your goal, you can choose a group training program that best fits your needs! We provide top-notch equipment for our athletes to u lize, because our members deserve the best.

Group Training in Chicago

Cutting EDGE Training Tools For Every Athlete

Wahoo Kickr Bike Studio: The Wahoo Kickr has changed indoor riding forever, and EDGE has the very first Chicago Kickr Studio! Unique wheel-off design, unmatched power accuracy and smooth ride - you will feel like you are outside on the road whether you are coasting down a hill or hammering up a steep col.

• Ride virtual courses + Personalized structured workouts = Endless training possibilities

• Direct Power Measurement = Consistent, accurate data from the hub • Super flywheel with electronic resistance = Perfect inertia for a realistic road feel

• Wheel-off design = No tire wear

• No pre-ride calibration = Faster setup

Group Training In Chicago

Woodway Treadmills: EDGE Athlete Lounge offers the best of the best for running - Woodway treads are used worldwide by top-end gyms, medical and rehabilitation centers, and professional sports teams (Chicago Bulls, Chicago Bears, Chicago Blackhawks, US Olympic Training Facility to name a few…). Why? Because only Woodway’s rubberized slat running surface absorbs shock at the point of impact. Created by the Deutsche Sporthochschule in Cologne, Germany, this ideal "softness" eliminates the harmful shock to joints and connective tissues, while encouraging proper biomechanics. The result is the smoothest, most natural running possible on a treadmill.

Group Classes and Strength Training: EDGE believes in the group experience, because we know that athletes perform their best when they’re surrounded by others. At EDGE you’ll find daily classes for bike, run and strength training. In addition, our recently expanded Strength Studio has everything you need to make you a stronger, smarter athlete.

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