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Fall Half Marathon Group Training

Fall Half Marathon Group Training

Targeted Training, Expert Coaching, Unparalleled Community.

EDGE Fall Half Marathon Training In Chicago Will Help You Chase Down Your Goals!

Training kicks off June 10th 2019 (EDGE Membership not required).  

ONE MORE THING: We've got FREE Tuesday Speed Runs and Saturday Long Runs April 30 - June 1. Check our IG Feed for Workout Details!

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$225*-275 for 16 weeks of training

PSST: If you plan on running with EDGE for 2 seasons in a year, check out our EDGE Run Club to save gobs of $!

EDGE Group Training Plan will be written by Head Nike Running Coach and EDGE Owner, Robyn LaLonde and vetted through our EDGE Coaching Consortium

Written Workouts Will Include:

Speed and Tempo Runs: Focused on Speed and Form, these weekday runs will press the pace to develop run efficiencies

Recovery Runs: Progressive, aerobic focus on these lighter effort days for active recovery

Long Runs (Paces every: 30s from 6:45-10:45/mile): Not just a Long Run, these days will grow in mileage but also mix up gears so you can tackle any challenge on race day

Strength Sessions (yep that’s right – STRENGTH WORK!): Run-specific strength training sessions written in for 2 times/week to keep you strong, speedy and injury free

Fall Half Marathon Training Includes:

Weekly Sessions: 2 Coached, Supported Sessions per week with convenient, urban meetup location (with free parking!)

Tempo Run: Tuesday 6:30 pm (60-90 mins) from EDGE

Long Run: Saturday 6:00 am from EDGE

Weekly Education: At runs and via newsletters

Free Training Peaks Account: With full plan and personalized pace card

Team Coach: In an effort to elevate every Athlete, EDGE runners are assigned to a Team Coach. This coach is your liaison for training plan or pace card questions and will check in at predetermined points throughout the training cycle to ensure you arrive at race day the fittest and fastest version of yourself possible.

Goal Race:

The EDGE Fall Marathon training plan will target the Chicago Half Marathon on Sept 29, 2019, but can be applied toward any Fall Half Marathon.

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*EDGE members receive $50 off registration. Any non-members that activate Membership before August 1st, 2019 will receive a $50 credit toward their membership. Questions? Call 872-206-5935  

Sample Training Plan:

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